School of Physics and Optoelectronics Engineering's "model star, forward force" website officially launched

2020-02-26 16:32:17 sunrise-auto Read

The "model star forward strength" special website is a convenient and effective platform for students to learn more about and participate in the selection of role models. It is reported that the website has a number of sections such as "candidate display", "news", "message interaction", etc. The web page has clear pages, prominent topics and rich content. After careful selection, seven model stars including the learning star, literary and art star, creative star, self-strengthening star, dormitory star, collective star, and management star have been basically established in the 2014 Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering School. They or The ideal has a strong conviction, or strives for self-improvement through hard work, or has unlimited agility and creativity, or has a strong ability to forge ahead in unity. They are ordinary but not mediocre. They show greatness in the simple life, and explain the power of example with their actions. The website is in the form of pictures and texts, showing the demeanor of each model candidate from all angles. Among them, the "News Updates" were updated in a timely manner, so that the students of the whole school could keep abreast of the latest progress of the selection activities. At the same time, students can interact with the role models and the college through message boards and actively participate in the role of role models.