The supervision team of the Ministry of Education came to Shaanxi to inspect and select the admission work independently.

2020-02-26 16:32:42 sunrise-auto Read

On April 23, the Ministry of Education's independent selection and admissions work supervision team came to Shaanxi to oversee the implementation of the university's independent selection and admission reform pilot work. On the afternoon of the 23rd, an inspection work meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor of the north of the Shaanxi Provincial Admissions Office. The heads of the admissions work of the 7 Shaanxi colleges and universities with independent selection and admission qualifications attended the meeting and made work reports.

The leader of the inspection team, Jiang Gang, director of the examination center of the Ministry of Education, presided over the meeting. He first explained the situation of the pilot work of independent selection and admission reform, and stated the purpose of the inspection. Relevant persons in charge of the admissions work of each university made a speech and reported the situation of the independent selection and admission of the university. Relevant persons in charge of the XD Enrollment Office briefly reported the school's independent selection and admissions work from the aspects of system construction, pen interview and examination management, admission process management, and information disclosure. At the meeting, the participants discussed the rules for independent selection and admission and the specific methods of reforming the pilot.

In the end, Jiang Gang made a concluding speech. He affirmed that universities have seriously implemented the various systems of independent selection and admission by the Ministry of Education, and asked everyone to fully understand the importance of this work, summarize the successful experience in recent years, and draw on relevant College experiences and lessons, strengthen system construction, improve examination management, strengthen supervision measures, strengthen information disclosure, and ensure that the selection and admission work is "fair, just, and open."